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Shamefully leaving the laundromat

Written on July 20, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

As the mechanics wife, I do lots of greasy filthy laundry. I wash all his clothes in Purple Power, my favorite grease getting solution (sold at hardware stores if anyone is interested – will get grease and oil off almost anything). Yes, you get odd looks at the laundromat when pouring a gallon of degreaser in the washer, but I’m over that.

However, I decided it would work to wash the shop rags. I took the bags of dirty little red rags that had been used to wipe oily hands, clean up small spills and about any nasty use for them that the guys in the shop can come up with. There wasn’t anyone there when i loaded them in the washer (thankfully!) and I poured in the Purple Power , put the quarters in and set back to relax for a moment. The black water the ran down the little round window had me looking around to ensure i was still there alone. The washer did its best , washing and rinsing and spinning and still the black water swirled around. The cycle finished and i began pulling them out to be dried. They were quite clean, However, the washer – not so much!!

The entire window and rubber seal was coated with a quarter inch of sludge ( would not wipe off with a paper towel i might add) The entire drum was slimy and a funny black gray color. With no solution, i pushed my little buggy of clean rags over to the dryer. As i was loading up the dryers in walks a lady with her nice big comforters. After a moment of panic, i just calmy suggested she didn’t use that washer, it didn’t work quite right. she informed me she needed all the large washers. I tried again , i said it seemed to be not very clean and didn’t wring out very well. ” I need all of them, I have 4 big blankets” and she started putting a blanket in it. She must have been blind to not see the black on the window. My solution, put quarters in the dryer, and quickly and quietly walk out the door .

I told my husband to have one of the guys go get the rags at the laundromat in an hour when they would be dry.

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